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Frequently asked questions about the Clark Hall Study Space.


PLEASE NOTE: Flooding in March, 2017 will require closure for remediation work until June 2017 at the earliest. Keep checking this site and public placards for updates."

1. When is the study space open?

The study space is open whenever Clark Hall is open; so most days of the year, it will be available 24 hours a day.


2. Who can use the study space?

Anyone can use the area for quiet study. The Physics classrooms are only available by reservation, however.  Please contact Rosemary Barber to reserve a classroom (rjf2).


3. Are there computers or printers in the study space?

There is currently a Net-Print printer located in the back corner of the study space. For more information about Net-Print, please consult IT@Cornell: Net-Print. There are currently no public computers in the study space. The nearest public computers are located in Math Library in Mallot Hall. (Note: current AEP students may have access to the AEP Lab in Clark Hall for computing or printing.)


4. Where are the staplers?

You can usually find a stapler on the 1st floor of Clark Hall, near the Physics Department mailboxes.