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Clark Physical Sciences Library

Open 24 Hours - Full Hours /


The study space is open whenever Clark Hall is open; so most days of the year, it will be available 24 hours a day.

Anyone can use the area for quiet study. The Physics classrooms are only available by reservation, however.  Please contact Rosemary Barber to reserve a classroom (rjf2).

There is currently a Net-Print printer located in the back corner of the study space. For more information about Net-Print, please consult IT@Cornell: Net-Print. There are currently no public computers in the study space. The nearest public computers are located in Math Library in Mallot Hall. (Note: current AEP students may have access to the AEP Lab in Clark Hall for computing or printing.)

You can usually find a stapler on the 1st floor of Clark Hall, near the Physics Department mailboxes.